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India’s cricket captain Virat Kohli launches his acting career with the coming-of-age superhero animated series, “Super ‘V’.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI — Top cricketer and model, and actress Anushka Sharma’s husband, Virat Kohli now turns to acting with Star India Network.

Venturing into a new genre, Star India Network for the first time ever launches an adventurous coming-of-age superhero animated series, “Super ‘V’.”

The show will premiere on Kohli’s birthday, Nov. 5, and will air on Star Plus, Star Sports Network, Disney Channel, Marvel HQ and Hotstar. Kohli, captain of the Indian national cricket team, will now be seen in a completely different avatar as an animated teenage superhero inspired by himself, and will charm audiences as he saves the world.

Young viewers will get to witness an exciting new dimension of their idol in this 13-part series. Every episode promises to be a balanced mix of humor, action and drama. The series will narrate an interesting story of how a teenager at the cusp of adulthood finds his identity between aspirations, parental expectations and peer pressures.

15 year-old Super ‘V’ is a cricketing prodigy, who is meant to shine in the field of cricket. He’s fun-loving yet temperamental, which makes him a bit unpopular at home. At this tender age, he discovers his superpowers and goes on to fight the biggest super-villain to save the world.

Pushing the quality of animation on television, the production team built custom shaders, special camera and lighting rigs along with real hair and cloth simulation, making the overall experience seem real.

Kohli, on whom the character of Super V is based, said, “As a kid, I was always fascinated with superheroes and animation is one of the best mediums to reach out to younger audiences.” 

“With Star India’s extensive reach, I am positive that the show will entertain and engage viewers across age groups. “Super ‘V’” is an exciting series that will captivate viewers’ interest with its unique storytelling and lovable characters. With the tagline of “Let’s Play,” it’s also an attempt to inspire kids to be more active.”

Kohli will conclude every episode with a message to his young fans, summarizing the key take-away from the story.

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