NEW DELHI — Hip-hop star DIVINE and Gully Gang associates Shah Rule, Frenzzy and Sammohit, have unveiled a Hindi-Punjabi single "Nahi pata" that touches upon subjects like hunger, injustice, poverty and social bias.

"Sammohit, Shah Rule and Frenzzy wrote and composed the track with Xplicit initially and I related with what they were trying to communicate. Hence, I decided to contribute to it as we all need to work towards making a healthy choice on important issues in a world where too often we all act like performers desperate for applause which is the standout philosophical idea," said DIVINE, born as Vivian Fernandes.

Rapper Shah Rule shared that as an artiste, he has a moral responsibility to speak out and spread awareness of our wrong doings as a society.

"We are facing a true wake-up call currently from mother nature and it is time to take the action and reflect on our doings and undo the wrongs," he added.

Rapper Sammohit said they came up with this track during the recently held Gully Gang songwriting camp where they all jammed together and they came up with the hook and verses. "It's our collective effort as representatives of the hip-hop community to emphasize and spread the message of peaceful and happy co-existence within the human race," he added.

Rapper Frenzzy feels that people need to break societal barriers and hierarchies. "We need to come together as one race and promote positivity, equality and fight the odds together rather than look out only for ourselves," he said.

The track has released on Gully Gang and Indian imprint of Nas' label, Mass Appeal India.

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