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Indian American actor Ajay Mehta guest stars on the popular NBC comedy, “The Good Place.” (photo provided)

January marks the conclusion of the hit series, “The Good Place.” The NBC comedy will air is final episodes Jan. 16 and Jan. 30. But the good news is the Jan. 16 episode, “Mondays, Am I Right?” features a familiar face: Ajay Mehta.

The Indian American actor guest stars as Waqas Al-Jamil, a wealthy London businessman/art dealer and father to Tahani (Jameela Jamil), on the show.  

Mehta shot for the episodes in July 2019.

The series finale Jan. 30 will give fans an extra-long 90-minute block dedicated to the award-winning show, which includes an extended episode as well as a post-show special featuring the full cast and hosted by Seth Meyers.

The veteran actor, who made his U.S. primetime TV debut in 1989 on NBC’s “Around the World in 80 Days” opposite Sir Peter Ustinov, has appeared in a plethora of A-list shows over the years.

In March 2019, Mehta guest starred on the CBS pilot drama, “Under The Bridge,” playing Chati Singh, a caring father.

In February 2019, the actor guest starred on another hit show on NBC, “This Is Us,” playing Rohan Gupta, an artist/father.

In 2018, other than guest starring on “The Good Place,” he also made his presence felt on the CBS drama, “NCIS: Los Angeles,” playing the role of Pakistani Diplomat Consular Attaché Ibrahim Alvi.

Other TV credits include “Modern Family,” “The Mindy Project,” “Royal Pains,” “Outsourced,” “Anger Management,” and “Rules of Engagement,” among others.

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