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Indian American singer Sonali Argade released her new single, “Other Side of the Moon,” June 14. (photo provided)

From opening for Pitbull at Florida’s acclaimed SunFest Music Festival to performing at a women empowerment gala headlined by Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen in Milpitas, Calif., Indian American indie/alternative pop artist Sonali Argade is impressing audiences and building a fan base all over the U.S.

Forging her own musical notes, the young artist, who uses just her first name professionally, is keen to do her part to put focus on more representation in the music industry.

“My family is from India and that’s been a huge part of my upbringing,” said Argade. “Growing up, I never had anyone on screen or in music that I could look up to in that sense, and I don’t want that to be the case for kids today.”

Studying and making music ever since she was a young girl, Argade’s biggest plunge into the music world came in the fall of 2012 when she was invited to attend the prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. There, she studied under numerous Grammy Award-winning professors and music industry veterans such as Questlove, Bob Power, Nick Sansano and Amund Björklund, according to her website. While there, she also attended guest lectures by Pharrell Williams, Benny Blanco, Rob Thomas, and Stargate.

Argade’s first brush with fame came in 2012, when she and her classmates collaborated to create a viral cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds.” The video garnered the attention of Rihanna herself, who invited the group to a show in Newark, New Jersey, where she personally congratulated them on their work, her bio states.

By 2014, she was ready with her first EP, “Wake Up,” which showcased the incredible vocal range of this young talent. She followed that up with a beautiful music video on relationships and acceptance, “Who We Are.” Along with receiving extensive coverage for her work, Sonali was also named among the ‘Top 20 Prospects of 2014’ by Music Connection Magazine.

But just as her career was beginning to take off, she was dealt a blow when she was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease. So instead of spending the next few years on the road and recording as she had planned, she was forced to devote most of her time to recovering and getting back on her feet. But she also used the break, according to her bio, “to be introspective and reconsider her career and sound.”

Since then, Argade has been performing all over the U.S. alongside working on her brand of music.

Her new single, “Other Side of the Moon,” debuted June 14. Explaining the energetic song, she wrote on Facebook: “This song’s about how everything in the world feels a little (or a lot) crazy right now. I hope it’s a fun 3-minute escape for you.”

Other singles and EPs released by Argade, who has also built an impressive following on social media, include “All or Nothing,” “Wanted,” “Close Enough,” “Forever,” “Wake Up” and “September.”

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