Family Karma:

Indian American contestants on Bravo TV’s new docuseries, “Family Karma” (l-r): Bali Chainani, Monica Vaswani, Brian Benni, Anisha Ramakrishna, Amrit Kapai, Vishal Parvani and Shaan Patel. (Bravo TV/Twitter photo)

Get ready for a comedic docuseries on Bravo TV that will feature, for the first time, an all-Indian cast.

Titled, “Family Karma,” the docuseries gives viewers a never-before-seen look inside the intriguing lives of seven young Indian American friends. The series will follow the inner circle of Anisha Ramakrishna, Vishal Parvani, Amrit Kapai, Brian Benni, Monica Vaswani, Bali Chainani, and Shaan Patel, as well as their close-knit families.

The series will premiere March 8 at 9/8c on Bravo.

Growing up in traditional, multigenerational households, the group is bonded by their strong cultural ties and vibrant Miami social lives. While their parents and grandparents instill cherished customs, these adult children are drifting more towards the “American Way,” and the two worlds collide in the most unexpected ways.

These friends are determined to live life to the fullest and navigate the pressures of adulthood, while maintaining their deep-rooted connection to the Indian culture, said Bravo, which dropped the first trailer of the show Jan. 29.

“Our parents basically founded this community,” Vishal Parvani says in the trailer. “They had arranged marriages — we had arranged friendships.”

Other cast members, Monica Vaswani and Anisha Ramakrishna, recall going to the temple classes as kids and performing dances during festivals like Diwali.

“We’re like family,” Ramakrishna says in the trailer. “We’re going to be friends, always. Like ‘The Babysitters’ Club.’”

Here’s a detailed look at the cast members:

Anisha recently moved back in with her parents after spending over 10 years in the cutthroat fashion industry. While she is focused on carrying on her family legacy of entrepreneurship, her parents continue to focus on her single status in hopes of her settling down.

After coming out in his 20s to the surprise of his family, Amrit is back home after a stint of living in Chicago with his boyfriend. As he works to grow his Chicago law firm’s business in Miami, his family hopes that they can influence him to take the traditional next steps in his long-distance relationship.

Brian is a playboy whose parents have always wanted him to settle down with a nice Indian girl. When he starts seeing his best friend, and wing woman, Monica, in a whole new light, he worries that his window has passed and he’s been friend-zoned.

Having weathered two divorces, glamorous single mom Bali straddles the line of hanging out with her friends in their 20s and 30s, while maintaining relationships with their mothers. Now in a serious relationship with her long-distance boyfriend O’Malley, she is hoping that the third time’s a charm.

After spending most of her life trying to be the “perfect Indian girl” to make up for the stigma of her parents’ divorce, Monica is ready to start sticking up for herself, much to Brian and her friends’ surprise.

Self-admitted “man-child” Vishal has been engaged to his fiancé for three years, but is living at home until they finally get married. Ready to make their engagement official in the eyes of Indian culture, he needs the approval of his intimidating soon-to-be mother in law to plan the traditional ring ceremony as the next step on their way to marriage.

Shaan, the youngest and super ambitious member of the group, has already started his own business and moved in with his girlfriend. Will Shaan surprise everybody and be the first in the group to get married and start a family?

“Family Karma” is produced for Bravo by Truly Original with Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Michelle Schiefen, Ian Gelfand and Michael Meinecke serving as executive producers.

Watch the trailer of “Family Karma” here:

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