Anjali Bhimani in Zimmerman’s ‘Jungle Book’

Anjali Bhimani can be seen in Mary Zimmerman’s production of “The Jungle Book” at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago from June 21.

Indian American actress Anjali Bhimani has once again teamed with Tony-winning stage director Mary Zimmerman to present “The Jungle Book” at the Goodman Theatre here. The play runs June 21-Aug. 4.

“This dazzling new adaptation of a timeless favorite is sure to enchant audiences of all ages,” said a spokesperson. The music-filled spectacle chronicles young Mowgli’s (Akash Chopra) adventures growing up in the animal kingdom in exotic India. Bhimani plays Raksha, the affectionate Mother Wolf, while other cast members include Ally Usman as Bagheera, the wise old panther; Nehal Joshi and others.

Bhimani, who first worked with Zimmerman in the Goodman's 1997 production of “Mirror of the Invisible World” and originated roles in “Metamorphoses” and “The Odyssey,” said, “Working with Mary is like taking an adventure vacation with a 

best friend — there’s always beautiful, uncharted territory to be discovered, made sweeter by sharing it with someone who has as much excitement about the terrain as you do. I'm also excited to explore the authentic Indian aspects of the music and choreography; it’s extraordinary to bring a musical of this breadth and magnitude actually set in India to the stage.”


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