San Leandro, Calif. — Anthony Bourdain’s popular “Parts Unknown” travel series on CNN earned an Emmy for all around excellence at the Prime Time Emmy Awards Aug. 24. An episode on Punjab and North India kicked off its third season April 13.

The famously carnivorous food and travel expert noted: "If this was what vegetarianism meant in most of the places that practice it in the West, I'd be at least half as much less of a d*** about the subject.”Bourdain also explored the Sikh religion and took a ride on the Shimla-Kalki toy train.

The cinematography in the “Punjab” episode was nominated for an Emmy Award, but that particular show lost out to Netflix’s documentary “The Square” in the category. Directors of photography Todd Liebler and Zach Zamboni traveled across North India to shoot the episode. The North India episode’s sound editing also earned a nomination.

Bourdain now considers himself a fan of North Indian cooking. “You can't say you've had the Amritsar experience until you've had a little kulcha in your life,” he said, calling it “a perfect little flavor bomb of wheat dough pressed against the side of a very hot clay oven, slathered with butter, and served with a spicy chole, a chickpea curry, on the side.

“Did I mention the butter?”

Numerous shows with Indian American or South Asian talent were up for Emmys, including “The Big Bang Theory” (Kunal Nayyar), “Sofia the First” (Karan Brar), “Top Chef” (Padma Lakshmi) and “Silicon Valley” (Kumail Nanjiani) but none took a prize.

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