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Indian American screenwriter/producer/actor Arun Narayanan’s micro comedy series, “Arun Considers,” has been honored at many film festivals, including the LA Indie Film Fest. (Arun Considers/Facebook photo)

What would happen if your constant inner monologues were audible? That’s what Indian American screenwriter/producer/actor Arun Narayanan tries to explore in his comedic but sharp Web series, “Arun Considers.”

The short episodes, at under two-minutes, show Narayanan – in his own words, an “incorrigible daydreamer” – walking through the streets of Los Angeles, Calif., as he ponders life’s great mysteries in his humorous, free-associating inner monologue.

From why people use heroin to interracial dating to the importance of trimming facial hair before international flights to what diversity really means to pornography addiction, each 90-second episode of the micro comedy series tackles a new subject with Narayanan’s unique brand of thoughtfulness and wit.

The series, which has been running since 2017, just released its fourth season Aug. 23. A screening party was held in Los Angeles to celebrate the upcoming season. At the event, all of the episodes were screened along with a bonus short featuring Atsuko Okatsuka (“Let’s Go Atsuko”) and Sethward (“America’s Got Talent”).

Once you watch the series, it’s not hard to fathom why the previous seasons have won several accolades on the festival circuit, including winning the ‘Audience Choice for Best Web Series’ at the South Asian Film Festival of America and the ‘Best Web Series’ award at the LA Indie Fest. The show was also one of Stareable’s ‘Favorite Web Series of 2018.’

Volume 4 of “Arun Considers” brings back Narayanan with director/producer Jordan Ledy for their most ambitious season to date, featuring an expanded cast that includes Emily Goss (“Criminal Minds,” “Future Man”), Derek D. Dow (“The Chi,” “The Big Chop”) and Jordan Bielsky (“Get Shorty”).

Previous episodes of the series can be seen at, as well as on and @arunconsiders on IGTV.

Naryanan was named one of Independent Filmmaker Project’s Emerging Storytellers for his feature script, “The Invisible Boy.” His pilot script, “The Adventures of Ash And Owen,” was the ‘Original Comedy’ winner in CineStory’s TV/Digital competition and a finalist at the Final Draft Big Break Contest, Showtime’s Tony Cox Screenplay Contest at the Nantucket Film Festival, and at the Page International Screenwriting Awards. His first produced feature, the TV movie, “Time Capsule,” premiered on the PixL Network in 2018 and is available now on Amazon.

Narayanan, also a video editor, has worked on independent feature films, short form branded content, music videos, short documentaries, and corporate videos for companies, including Disney and Sephora.

In addition to editing and writing, Narayanan currently works in the research and development wing of Disney/ABC.

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