Avanti Nagral

Avanti Nagral, an Indian American singer/songwriter and an undergraduate dual major at Harvard University and Berklee College of Music, highlights the power of respect in relationships in her new single, “Treated.” (avantinagral.com photo)

“It’s a song I wrote to my 12-year-old self; it’s a song that reinforces my sense of self-respect; and it’s a song I can’t wait to share with all of you,” Massachusetts-based Indian American singer-songwriter Avanti Nagral wrote on her Facebook post Feb. 26.

The song that Nagral unveiled Feb. 26, “Treated,” is a melodious but powerful song that emphasizes the kindness of human behavior.

Inspired by her personal experiences along with stories of women who have faced domestic violence, marital rape and bad relationships, the song promotes the importance of taking a stand in any kind of relationship.

“I hope that anyone listening to the song is able to take away that respect is the number one thing in any kind of relationship,” Nagral said in a statement.

Nagral, who has a crystal-clear voice that is soothing but impactful at the same time, combines her experience across various genres – Indian classical, Broadway, church/gospel and devotional – to produce a modern pop-soul sound.

Nagral’s debut single, “I Like,” which released in June 2017 and depicted girl power, was accompanied by a 360-degree virtual-reality music video, directed by acclaimed director Blake Farber, who has worked with artists like Beyoncé and brands like Nike.

The talented singer, who started playing the piano at age five, is now working with an independent music production house in Los Angeles, and Mumbai, to write, sing and produce her own brand of pop music.

Nagral, an undergraduate dual major at Harvard University and Berklee College of Music, is passionate about global health and women and youth empowerment, and that sentiment reflects not only in her music but in her actions as well.

The multi-talented young musician has supported work in the fields of music therapy, organ donation, cardiac disease, CPR/emergency care, and mental health, through research, advocacy and by creating initiatives.

In 2013, she founded YCPR, a Youth Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation campaign, which empowers the youth to help save lives within their communities. She also conducted motivational performance-cum-workshops in India in which she not only shared her journey but also encouraged students to pursue their own versions of passion and purpose. She hopes to conduct one in the U.S., too.

Nagral, who has performed at concerts across India, the U.S., and the Philippines, also enjoys acting, and was nominated for the ‘Best Actress’ award at the National Theater Awards in India, for her lead role of Agnes in the reproduction of the 1982 Broadway play, “Agnes of God.”

Watch Nagral’s latest single, “Treated,” here:

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