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Indian American animator/writer/director Jaydeep Hasrajani has created and executive produced “Boons and Curses,” a comedy-action animated series to be released on Netflix in 2023. (We Are Netflix/Twitter photo)

Netflix has greenlighted “Boons and Curses,” a comedy-action animated series hailing from Indian American creator and executive producer Jaydeep Hasrajani and series co-executive producer Jake Goldman.

The series is set in the magical land of Maya, where a cosmic war is on the horizon, as the Raj and his monstrous army threaten to destroy anything that stands against them! The universe itself hangs in the balance and the only hope is two heroes, Baan and Rani.

Claiming to be a cursed warrior from another time, Baan may have been transformed into solid ghee but he won’t let that stop him. Teaming up with Rani, a young thief with delusions of grandeur, Baan must use every arrow in his quiver if he wants to defeat the Raj.

Heavily inspired by ancient South Asia, “Boons and Curses” is an adventure-comedy highlighting the myths and legends that have enraptured generations, said Netflix.

“Growing up, I used to think of the hyphen in ‘Indian-American’ as a separator between two parts of myself. With ‘Boons and Curses,’ I want to turn that hyphen from a wall into a bridge, not just for me, but for anybody who has ever felt that they were caught between two worlds,” Hasrajani said in a statement. “Using the beauty of South Asian mythology, folktales, and culture, our talented and passionate crew is so eager to share an exciting and hilarious adventure that can resonate with everyone the world over.”

The Los Angeles, Calif.-based director, storyboard artist and animator earned a BFA degree in animation, illustration and story boarding from San Jose State University and this is his first big project. He has previously worked on Cartoon Network’s “The Fungees,” and Netflix Animation’s “Ghee Happy.”

“Boons and Curses” is among a trio of new Asian American-led projects that Netflix has confirmed for 2023. The other two are an animated film, “The Monkey King,” and an animated series, “Mech Cadets.”

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