Alex Pillai

Alex Pillai, an Indo-British director, is attached with the second season of CBS’s “Bull” and The CW’s “Valor.” ( photo)

After directing several television dramas and fantasy and crime television shows in the U.K., Alex Pillai has now started working in the U.S., and has already done two high-profile shows.

The British Indian director has just completed an episode of the second season of CBS’ legal drama, “Bull,” starring Michael Weatherly and British Indian actress Archie Panjabi.

In September 2017, Pillai also directed a high-energy episode of the first season of “Valor,” produced by CBS Studios for The CW.

Pillai, who lives in London, is of Tamil heritage, and was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England. He was educated at the National Film and Television School, and is a recipient of the FIPA D’Argent and the Screen Nation Award.

His work as a director of television drama includes the multi-award-winning film for BBC Screen Two, “Flight” (1995); the BAFTA-nominated first series, “Being Human,” for the BBC (2009); and the Screen Nation Award-winning micro-budget feature, “Victim” (2012).

His single dramas include “Harry Price: Ghost Hunter” (2015) starring Rafe Spall, and “The Best Man” (2005) starring Keeley Hawes and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Pillai is a visiting lecturer at Buckinghamshire New University and Middlesex University.

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