Red Line

CBS’ racially charged drama, “The Red Line,” also featuring Indian American actor Vinny Chhibber, will not return for a second season. ( photo)

CBS confirmed June 7 that it has cancelled its new drama, “The Red Line,” according to Deadline.

The eight-part limited series, which starred Indian American actor Vinny Chhibber, premiered April 28.

Set in Chicago, the racially charged hour-long drama explored the lives of three different families following the shooting of an African American doctor by a white cop. Noah Wyle played Daniel Calder, a high school history teacher mourning the death of his husband, while Aliyah Royale played Jira, his daughter.

Chhibber played Liam, the quick-witted, openly gay high school teacher whose matter-of-fact approach to emotional support was welcomed by both Calder and Jira.

The show gave Chhibber, known for his roles in shows such as “HBO’s “Here and Now” and NBC’s “Taken,” a chance to push his creative boundaries.

In an interview before the show premiered, Chhibber told India-West: “So often, as Indians in Western narrative, we get put into a couple of boxes. You are either some accent-ridden stereotype, or terrorist. There’s no real place to go creatively. The intersectionality of the character, someone who’s Indian American, Muslim, queer in Chicago. I thought like, ‘You could explore the nuances of that experience in our country.’”

According to Deadline, the show had a sluggish rollout and continued to draw soft ratings throughout its entire season.

Even though this show by Ava DuVernay and Greg Berlanti did not move beyond season 1, Chhibber has another exciting role coming up. He is set for a recurring role on Season 4 of TNT’s flagship drama series, “Animal Kingdom.” He also spilled the beans on his role in the interview with India-West. The show will premiere June 14.

“In ‘Animal Kingdom,’ I play a British billionaire who’s used to getting everything. It’s complete opposite,” Chhibber told India-West. “Liam is compassionate, honest, warm, loving human being. Rahul is arrogant, rich, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want whenever he wants it. They were both a lot of fun…I enjoyed stretching my creative muscles and I’m just very thankful that both the roles allow me to do that.” (Read the full interview here:

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