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Indian American actor Dhruv Singh will star in CBS’ multi-camera comedy, “Pandas in New York,” from Ajay Sahgal and CBS TV Studios. (CBS photo)

Indian actors are often picked up for playing the role of a doctor in Hollywood, but CBS has gone ahead and created an entire show about a family of Indian doctors. The show will not only star Indian American actors, but its storyline has also been developed by an Indian American filmmaker, Ajay Sahgal.

Deadline reports that the multi-camera comedy pilot, called “Pandas In New York,” is about a family of Indian American doctors with a successful group practice in New York City who embark on a project to arrange their youngest son Rishi’s (Dhruv Singh) life, unaware he’s made plans of his own.

Singh’s Rishi is a physician who just spent a year in Cambodia as a member of Doctors Without Borders. Now, he’s back home in New York, and, unbeknownst to his family, has accepted a job with a free clinic. However, his family has other plans for his life.

As their only son, he’s supposed to join the Pandas’ orthopedic practice, marry a nice Indian girl with a medical degree and have as many children as possible. And while his family is ecstatic to have him home, they will go to any lengths necessary to get him in line with all the other Pandas, according to Deadline.

Mumbai-born Singh, who is an actor, writer and improvisor, has been seen on shows like “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and “Adam Ruins Everything.” He has also appeared in several Upright Citizen Brigade shows.

Written by Sahgal and directed by Mark Cendrowski, “Pandas in New York” is executive produced by Sahgal, Kapital Entertainment’s Aaron Kaplan and Dana Honor, and TrillTV’s Wendi Trilling.

“The Originals” alum Nishi Munshi will play Gita Panda, tough and like a second parent to her siblings. She’s also an orthopedic surgeon and a mother to triplets.

Actress Hina Abdullah (“The Last Ship”) will play Asha, Rishi’s younger sister. A bit of a rebel, Asha is the less traditional of his two sisters. Unlike Gita (Munshi), she does not dictate her brother’s life.

While Bernard White has been cast in the role of their father, Om, Gita Reddy of “Orange is the New Black” fame has been roped in to play Pushpa, the mother of Rishi, Gita and Asha. Pushpa is a world-class expert in ACL surgery, but like Rishi’s dad, she, too, expects him to marry an Indian girl who is a doctor and join the Panda family orthopedic clinic.

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