Deepak Chopra

A screengrab of Deepak Chopra on Conan O’Brien’s TV show “Conan.” (Team Coco/YouTube photo)

NEW YORK — Prominent Indian American author and spiritual guru Deepak Chopra has said that Donald Trump suffers from “very poor self-esteem,” comparing the Republican presidential nominee’s emotional development to that of a three-year-old child.

Chopra, appearing on talk show host Conan O’Brien’s TV show “Conan” said Trump is “incapable of moving beyond the emotional development of a three-year-old.”

Explaining that Trump is stuck in the first chakra, Chopra said, “His (Trump's) reptilian brain is on overdrive.”

“He thinks with his penis… His consciousness is stuck in his genitals,” Chopra added, referring to allegations by several women who have accused the real estate tycoon of unwanted sexual advances in recent weeks.

Making it clear he will not be voting for “The Donald,” Chopra said Trump is “incapable of being centered and intuitive, has no insight, no intuition, no creativity, no vision, no capacity to offer hope, trust, stability or compassion.”     

Asked by O’Brien to give his assessment of Trump, Chopra said, “I see resentment, grievances, fear, hostility, guilt, shame, even depression and very poor self-esteem.”

Watch Deepak Chopra talk about Donald Trump on "Conan":

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