draupadi unleashed

Still from the film, “Draupadi Unleashed,” which stars actors Salena Qureshi (Indira) and Dominic Rains (Amar) in the lead roles, as well as Indian American Melanie Chandra as Sita and Pooja Batra as Mohini. (MPRM Communications publicity photo provided)

Set in 1930s India, the English-language film “Draupadi Unleashed,” set to release Sept. 24, centers on 16-year-old Indira, who finds herself torn between true love, her duty to follow through with an arranged marriage and the powerful allure of a mysterious guru. Through her heartbreaking journey to self-discovery, long-held secrets are brought to light, and Indira discovers the strength within herself to break free, notes a press release.

In a story that mixes magical realism and gorgeous surroundings with the harsh realities of a patriarchal society, this beautifully-told tale of a young woman at a crossroads in her life offers a rare look at aristocratic Indian society in the early part of the 20th Century, one that will resonate with audiences today, added the release.

Actors Salena Qureshi (Indira) and Dominic Rains (Amar) play the lead roles in this film which also features Indian American Melanie Chandra as Sita, Pooja Batra as Mohini, Cas Anvar as Manu, Anna George as Amma, Azita Ghanizada as Masumi, Paras Patel as Pran, Taaha Shah Badusha as Gautam and Abi Bais as Chandar.

The film is based on the book by Nisha Sabharwal and co-directed by Tony Stopperan and Sabharwal.

Sabharwal, according to draupadiunleashed.com, is a successful entrepreneur, an author and movie producer who has written multiple books, some of which are in the process of being made into movies championing equality through generations of strong female lineage. The central theme of her original storytelling is portraying empowered women from traditional, affluent, prestigious and respected Indian families who, despite the odds, triumph through cultural adversity breaking the glass ceiling of their respective period in history.

The film was originally scheduled to release in mid-March, but because of COVID-19 and theater closures, the release date has been pushed back to Sept. 24, 2020, making it the first Indian film to release in theaters nationally post-pandemic.

The film premiered at the New York Indian Film Festival to rave reviews, added the release.

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