Shayna Vidyanand, an 11-year-old Indian American artist, recently raised $4,350 to help provide eyesight to the underprivileged. (photo provided)

After reading an article about how a kid made an impact by donating his birthday gifts to Steph Curry’s foundation, 11-year-old Shayna Vidyanand decided to do the same with her initial works of art.

The young Indian American artist recently took the first step towards her dream of making a difference when she raised $4,350 through the sale of her paintings to help provide eyesight to the underprivileged. She donated the funds to Sankara Eye Foundation, which will use them towards 150 eye operations in rural India.

This private art exhibit, she said, was the first of her “Making Colors Matter” initiatives, with which she plans to help more and more people with her art.

Vidyanand, who is fluent in Kannada, Tamil and English, started painting only a year ago. Her art is inspired from her exposure to a wide range of world cultures and her diverse surroundings.

She studies various forms of art from multiple teachers, painting oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas and has recently started sketching with pencils.

The gifted artist loves to experiment with colors in her paintings and is typically bold with it.

Though the sixth grader may be new to the world of art, her painting, “Snowy Sunshine,” was among the Top 10 paintings in her category at the competition.

She loves to act, and has acted in several commercials. She also sings in the Allegro chorus of the Young Women’s Choral Program of San Francisco and has performed in several concerts.

Vidyanand, who also plays the piano, attends the Academy School of Laurel Springs School.

Shayna’s father Ramgopal Vidyanand said that she has always been a “very compassionate person to the less fortunate.”

“She met with Carl Brown, owner of Corduroy Media, during a commercial shoot and his enthusiasm about her and her work helped bring this idea to life.”

“This inspiration to help others see also honors her great grandmother who progressively lost her sight,” he added.

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