UPLAND, Calif. — A budding young star, Vyom Mathrani, whose film, “Hercules, Houdini, Holmes,” premieres on March 24, sat down with India-West this week to discuss his life as a student and as an actor.

“I first realized that I wanted to be in acting when I was watching ‘Bol Bachchan’,” the 11-year-old told India-West. He recalled telling his father at the time, “I want to be in the movie,” when he was five, to which his dad replied: “Be quiet and watch the movie.” Yet, a mere two years later, Mathrani was in a Malayalam movie and, now, he will play a prominent role in “Hercules, Houdini, Holmes.”

Mathrani did his formal training at the Barbizon Acting School that opened him to so many opportunities, he said. Thus far, the Indian American youngster has done three short films: “Peruchazhi,” “Water,” and “Neil.” He has also been featured in some commercials, including ‘Faces of LA’, ‘Walmart Digital’, ‘Disney Band-Aids, ‘Go-Go Squeeze Applesauce drinks’ and ‘X-Prize’.

Mathrani has also performed in the Web serials “Bozos,” “Kids with Adult Problems,” and various episodes on the ‘Fred’ Channel. His TV appearances were in “Jimmy Kimmel Live Sketch Performer” and “Think it Up Telethon.”

“I love dancing and have participated and won about 20 trophies and a lot of prizes,” Mathrani, a fifth-grader at Pepper Tree School in Upland, Calif., told India-West. At school he says he dances almost each year in talent shows and matches the different themes they project. “I do pay attention to my school, I do not take too much leave and my grades are all A+.”

His enigmatic smile and innocence makes him a favorite in his circle of friends, as he added confidently, “I have a lot of friends, at least 36, if I have to count now. They are all excited about my movie and constantly ask me ‘Hey, Vyom, when is your movie coming out?”

On the movie sets, Mathrani says he is very comfortable with all the co-stars and the entire crew. “We had so much fun doing retakes on the fight scenes,” he said. This child star, who is marching on ahead, said he has the strong backing and encouragement of his family, especially his parents and grandparents.

His plans for the future are clear to him at such a young age. He wants to act all his life, but “no sad movies for me, I love fighting, dancing and action scenes.”

The movie “HHH,” Mathrani points out, is not a children’s movie, it is a regular mystery movie, for people of all ages. “I speak very good Hindi and will go in for Bollywood movies any time.”

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