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Endemol Shine India will be creating a Web series based on Indian-origin author Damyanti Biswas’ crime thriller, “You Beneath Your Skin.” (Damyanti Biswas/Twitter photo)

India-West Staff Reporter

Indian-origin author Damyanti Biswas’ bestselling crime thriller novel, “You Beneath Your Skin,” is being made into a Web series.

Endemol Shine India announced June 25 that it has optioned the novel for a multi-part drama series.

“You Beneath Your Skin” was published by Simon & Schuster India in September 2019 and has since gained considerable acclaim notching up multiple Amazon #1 bestseller categories.

Set in contemporary New Delhi, the multi-strand narrative concerns an Indian American single mother and her autistic teenage son, whose comfortable middle-class lives are turned upside down by a police investigation; a crime spree of slum women found stuffed in trash bags, faces and bodies disfigured by acid. Although a work of fiction, it tackles many endemic problems in India: violence against women, slum poverty, and police corruption.

Abhishek Rege, CEO of Endemol Shine India, said that “You Beneath Your Skin” is a crime thriller, “layered with issues of poverty, misogyny and corruption.”

“Taking a leaf out of the vast legacy of phenomenal women writers in the crime thriller genre – Damyanti’s book brings a sensitivity an otherwise violent genre. The protagonist is fascinating as she is a single mother and traversing an unorthodox life through the rather orthodox setting of Delhi,” he was quoted as saying.  Gripping, relevant and hard-hitting, this is a story peopled with many characters, multiple fractured relationships, small intimate moments and effective back stories. This is a thriller with a family at the center of the plot. These are the stories that Endemol Shine India wants to bring to the fore,” he said.

Biswas lives in Singapore and works with Delhi’s underprivileged children as part of Project Why, a charity that promotes education and social enhancement in underprivileged communities. Her short stories have been published in magazines in the U.S., the U.K., and Asia, and she helps edit the Forge Literary Magazine.

All proceeds from the book go towards her chosen causes: the educational charity Project Why, and the Chhaanv foundation, which helps acid attack survivors.

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