Mayuri Bhandari, an Indian American actress/dancer/figure skater, is wowing thousands of fans on the internet with her sensational recreation of the song, “Ghoomar,” from “Padmaavat.” (YouTube screenshot)

The magic of the Rajasthani folk dance, “Ghoomar,” popularized by Deepika Padukone in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Padmaavat,” is spreading far and wide: from the dance floors and even to ice skating rinks.

After the initial setback, the film is now unstoppable at the global box office, and so is its hit song, “Ghoomar.”

After a group of Indian American dancers enthralled basketball fans at an NBA game with a scintillating performance to the song, Indian American figure skating champion/actress/dancer Mayuri Bhandari has taken a completely different approach to the song.

Titled “Ghoomar Dance on Ice,” Bhandari’s video, which she posted on YouTube Jan. 26, is garnering the highest praise. So far, the video, which shows her endlessly twirling to the song in a customized red and golden Indian outfit, has left close to a half-a-million people marveling at her skill.

“In honor of the film Padmaavat’s release, here is my ice skating tribute to the beautiful song Ghoomar! As a Rajasthani, I skate to this song with pride!” she posted alongside the video.

“You are absolutely mind blowing Mayuri! take a bow!” wrote one commentator, “Mayuri, hats off to your skill, song and dance are secondary,” remarked another.

Bhandari goes on to explain that she loves “combining Indian dance and music (specifically Bollywood performance) on a unique platform that resonates with all” since it represents “my worlds coming together and showcasing the beauty of both forms.”

Expressing her desire to work with Bhansali someday, Bhandari writes, “When I heard Ghoomar, I felt an immediate connection to the essence of the song: the spins, turns, and passion of love for the dance.”

However, this is not the first time that Bhandari, who has acted in short films such as “Saptapadi” and “Safe,” has given a personal twist to a Bollywood song. In the past, she has recreated songs like “Nagada Sang Dhol,” also filmed on Padukone.

While her performance left many gasping, for the Los Angeles, Calif.-based artist, who has been a participant on several Indian dance reality shows, and who is the co-founder of the Bollywood dance fitness studio, Bollyx, creating these pieces feels “very natural.”

Watch Bhandari’s performance here:

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