guru nanak documentary

The directors of the documentary on Guru Nanak seen in Amritsar. (photo provided)

A recently released documentary on Guru Nanak has received two major awards at the Garden State Film Festival, according to a press release from the National Sikh Campaign.

The first ever documentary made on the founder of Sikhism was awarded the 'Best International Documentary' as well as the 'Best Cinematography Award'. Over 240 films were featured at the 2020 Garden State Film Festival which brings over 25,000 attendees annually in the city of Asbury in New Jersey; each year it presents world premieres, high-profile films, industry panels, and celebrity guests. This year, it had 50 world premieres, 80 New Jersey premieres, two dozen East Coast premieres and 15 United States premieres. The festival had to be presented virtually via digital streaming due to coronavirus.

Film directors Jerry Krell and Adam Krell of Auteur Productions spent 10 months to produce the film on Guru Nanak coinciding with the 550th birth-anniversary of the Guru. The film was shot in India, Pakistan and various parts of United States. Besides narrating the Guru’s history and key points of his teachings, the documentary features such prominent Sikh luminaries ranging from Grammy nominee Snatam Kaur to the first Sikh mayor in the U.S., Mayor Ravi Bhalla of Hoboken New Jersey, to show how his positive legacy continues, noted the release.

Jerry Krell said, “I am really humbled by this recognition by the festival organizers,” adding: “Guru Nanak’s philosophy and his life story certainly impacts people who watch this documentary. The awards this film is getting speaks volume about the relevance of his teachings in today’s world. I urge the Sikh community worldwide to use this film to reach to the wider audience all over the world.”

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