Mary Millben:

American singer/actress Mary Millben shared warm wishes in celebration of India’s New Year observance April 13. (photo provided)

NEW YORK – American singer/actress Mary Millben extended greetings to Indians and the Indian American community on the occasion of traditional New Year April 13.

Millben released a YouTube clip April 12 that opened with the chanting of a mantra in Sanskrit followed by New Year wishes for India and Indian communities worldwide.

As a singer, Millben and her craft are rooted in cultural diplomacy. She has become a global voice in promoting peace and friendship through cultural engagement and using music as a tool to unite and heal the world.

And in the message to India, Millben shared prayers for the country as it enters another phase of the coronavirus pandemic.

"During today's chanting, I lifted prayers for India, communities across the world, and I will continue to pray for your safety," she said in her video message.

Millben has been studying Hindi and Indian culture from Dr. Moxraj, who served as a cultural diplomat at the Indian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

"Mary is deeply influenced by the great culture of India and as her teacher of the Hindi language, I am pleased to know about her passion and love for India," Moxraj told ANI.

After touching the hearts of many Indians with her performance of the Indian national anthem for the 74th anniversary of India’s Independence Day in August last year, Millben continued to charm her fans by releasing a video of her singing “Om Jai Jagdish Hare” for Diwali.

Millben not just comfortably croons the Hindi and Sanskrit lyrics but also dives deep into Indian tradition. The Oklahoma native who went viral on social media is now a known voice in India.

As an independent artist, Millben has become one of the world’s new celebrated voices having performed for three consecutive U.S. Presidents – President George W. Bush, President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump – and world leaders.

In addition, Millben has been featured at the White House, the United States Congress, the National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, 2016 Rio Olympic ceremony for Team USA fencing, off-Broadway, and in concert halls worldwide.

Millben is also a former White House presidential appointee to President George W. Bush and global ambassador for Education Africa.

Watch the video here:

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