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Indian American comedian Hasan Minhaj performs onstage during OZY Fest 2018 at Rumsey Playfield, Central Park July 21, 2018 in New York City. (Brad Barket/Getty Images for Ozy Media)

Thanks to a few trailblazers, Indians don’t have to just be doctors or pharmacists or accountants. They can be so much more, according to Indian American comedian Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix show, “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj.” “They can finally be as bad as they want to be.”

So, in a new uproarious episode, Minhaj brings to the viewers all of the “bad” Indian American role models. From Rajat Gupta to John Kapoor to Dinesh D’Souza and some unnamed bad influences, the episode, featuring talented Indian American kids, spares no one. Interestingly, it also spotlights the high expectations, in academics and co-curriculars, Indian American parents have from their kids.

The segment, “Indians: Bad As We Want to Be,” opens with one kid complaining about how “My parents want me to win the Scripps Spelling Bee” to another lamenting, “My dad wants me to take college classes in middle school” to yet another commenting: “My mom makes me do taekwondo but only because it looks good on college applications.”

But shortly thereafter, the focus shifts to how the kids don’t have to be just doctors, accountants, etc., that Indian Americans are known for.

“My parents say I have to be a doctor. That sounded boring until I heard about John Kapoor,” remarks a child. Her comment is followed by news clips talking about how the former pharma CEO was arrested for fraud.

“Thanks to John Kapoor, I know I can be a doctor who f**** around in the drug game,” she says cheekily.

One child says, “I thought I couldn’t be hardcore because my name is Raj. But then businessman Rajat Gupta got arrested for insider trading…” More clips show Gupta’s crime to which another child reacts: “Forget good grades. I’m making insider trades.”

Watch the hilarious clip from the episode here:

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