San Leandro, Calif. — Arjun Gupta’s TV credits include ABC’s hit legal drama “How to Get Away with Murder,” which recently wrapped its first season and has a good chance of coming back in 2015. The Indian American actor plays Kan, an idealistic legal aide and third-year law student caught in a steamy love triangle.

“Kan is a do-gooder,” Gupta told India-West in a phone interview April 17. “It was a fun, five-episode guest spot. Hopefully, Kan can get back on the show if it’s picked up. But it’s an unknown quantity at this point.”

Gupta has also worked in “Body of Proof” and “Nurse Jackie,” among many other shows, and he won a Maverick Movie Award for his role as Terry in “Bridge and Tunnel,” a 2014 indie drama about a group of 20-somethings struggling to cope with the transition to adulthood while living with their parents in the suburbs of New York City.

As male nurse Sam on Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie,” his character grappled with substance addiction while working the graveyard shift at a busy hospital; his work on that show won him an ensemble Screen Actors Guild award.

Gupta has shot two TV pilots — Marc Webb’s “Limitless” for CBS, a televised version of the hit 2011 Bradley Cooper film about a man whose intellect is scarily enhanced by a powerful drug; and Syfy’s “The Magicians,” an adaptation of Lev Grossman’s bestselling fantasy book trilogy. 

This fall, you will also be able to catch Gupta opposite Ali Larter (“Final Destination,” “Heroes” and the Salman Khan vehicle “Marigold”) in the horror film “The Diabolical,” which premiered in January at SXSW. In “The Diabolical,” Gupta plays a scientist whose girlfriend (Larter), a single mother, is terrified by some violent and macabre goings-on in her new home.

He is also amassing a more targeted fan following with the podcast “American Desis” (formerly “Indian, American”), which he co-hosts with comedian Akaash Singh. The podcast features interviews with tastemakers who are defining what it means to be Indian American in today’s culture; recent guests include DJ Rekha, screenwriter Anuvab Pal and Gotham Chopra, whose latest work is a documentary about Sachin Tendulkar.

“I always found that the South Asian community feels so fragmented, in our attempts to assimilate,” Gupta told India-West. “So it’s exciting when I get the opportunity to talk to the community as it keeps growing.”

“Get ready #AmericanDesis,” he tweeted April 13 @ArjunGuptaBK. 

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