Bir Khalsa:

Jagdeep Singh and Kanwaljit Singh of the Bir Khalsa Group from India are seen during their act on “America’s Got Talent.” (YouTube screenshot)

Just a few days after V Unbeatable, a dance group from Mumbai, thrilled the judges on “America’s Got Talent,” another group from India took that exhilarating experience a notch higher. (Read earlier India-West story here:

By pulling off an elaborate heart-stopping and downright dangerous stunt with confident flair, Jagdeep Singh and Kanwaljit Singh, part of the Bir Khalsa Group, left everyone gasping in the room and not just the judges.

“Bir Khalsa Group is coco-NUTS for doing this insanely dangerous act!” “American’s Got Talent” rightly posted June 4 on its social media along with a clip of the Indian group’s act on the show June 5.

In the act, Jagdeep Singh, who is a 7’6” tall policeman, lies down on the ground while Kanwaljit Singh, wearing a blindfolded, uses a huge hammer to smash coconuts and watermelons that have been placed all around Jagdeep. Every smash set the audiences’ pulse racing. One misstep and this story could have ended very differently, but to everyone’s relief, the duo aced the stunt, sparking cheers and jubilation among the audience members and judges Howie Mandel, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union and Simon Cowell, who also gave a standing ovation to their display of daredevilry.

“This act requires focus, strength and calm mind,” Kanwaljit says in the video before attempting the act. And we should add: a lot of practice, too.

Since being shared online, the “smashing” act has been viewed over four million times on YouTube alone, where the video’s caption read: “This Danger Act From India Will SCARE You With A SMASH!”

Watch the daring act here:

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