Preity Vir:

Indian actors Preity Zinta and Vir Das will be guest starring on an episode of the ABC comedy, “Fresh Off the Boat,” written by the Indian American writer of the show, Rachna Fruchbom. (IANS photos)

The groundbreaking ABC comedy, “Fresh Off the Boat,” which looks at the lives of immigrants in the U.S., is poised to set another milestone.

According to reports, a potential “Fresh Off the Boat” spinoff, centering on an Indian American family and starring Indian actors Preity Zinta and Vir Das, could soon become a reality.

Variety reports that an episode of “Fresh Off the Boat” will begin filming in mid-November that will introduce the characters (Zinta and Das) that would form the basis of the new series.

The episode will be written by the Indian American writer of “Fresh Off the Boat,” Rachna Fruchbom.

Currently titled, “Magic Motor Inn,” the spinoff, according to Variety, would center on an Indian family whose daughter goes to school with Eddie Huang (Hudson Yang). Das has been cast as father DC while Zinta has been cast as the mother, Meena.

20th Century Fox Television, which produces “Fresh Off the Boat” and where Fruchbom is under an overall deal, will produce, said Variety, adding that this episode is not a backdoor pilot.

“If ABC should decide to further develop the spinoff, it would need to shoot a pilot during the traditional pilot season,” Variety added.

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