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Actress Dimple Kapadia, seen at the screening of “Blank” in Mumbai April 30, has been cast in filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s new film, “Tenet.” (IANS photo)

Even though Indian actress Dimple Kapadia hasn’t confirmed her association with Christopher Nolan’s new film, “Tenet,” the news of her casting has been trending.

This happened after The Hollywood Reporter published a report that revealed the title and cast of Warner Bros.’ new film by the director of films like “Dunkirk” and “The Dark Night” trilogy.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kenneth Branagh, Michael Caine, Dimple Kapadia and French actress Clémence Poésy have joined the cast of Nolan’s latest movie, whose title has been revealed as “Tenet,” said the publication May 22.

“Tenet,” the report said, is being described as an “action epic evolving from the world of international espionage.” It is being filmed in seven countries, using a mix of Imax and 70mm film, the report added.

Nolan and Emma Thomas are producing the film while Thomas Hayslip is serving as executive producer.

“Tenet” will be released July 17, 2020, the report said.

Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Kashyap reacted to the news on Twitter, writing, “So cool...Dimple Kapadia in A Chris Nolan Film ... wow.”

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