Sunil Narkar

Sunil Narkar, an Indian American actor based in Southern California, has a role in “Dhurandhar Bhatavdekar,” a Marathi comedy releasing in India May 15.

San Leandro, Calif. — Indian American actor Sunil Narkar has secured a role in the upcoming Marathi film “Dhurandhar Bhatavdekar.”

The comedy, about a couple of diametrically opposed characters who are forced to live together in a five-star colony for senior citizens, opens May 15 in India.

“I play Dr. Patkar, who is a resident middle-aged physician.  Since all senior citizens are in good health, he is always trying to resolve the differences between Dhurandhar and Bhatawdekar,” explained Narkar in an e-mail to India-West.

The film has a subplot wherein Patkar has a crush on a personal trainer named Fiona Gonsalves. “There is a small love story on the side,” he added.

A spokesman said: “The age of the central characters is such that they are lovable old buffoons, and therefore would strike an immediate chord with the audiences. This is also a departure from the regular domestic relationships in Marathi cinema. The possibilities presented by this very strikingly different set of relationships are plenty.”

The film is written and directed by Kshitij Zarapkar and stars Mohan Joshi, Mohan Agashe and Kishori Shahane-Vij.

Narkar has many credits in Hollywood films and TV, including appearances in “Pacific Rim,” “Adopted,” “Coffee Town,” “New Girl,” “The Mentalist” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” He hosted “National Bingo Night” on ABC in 2007.

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