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Actor Aly Mawji. (GS Entertainment Management photo)


Indian American actor Aly Mawji has been cast in his first-ever lead role.

Mawji will star as Travis in the pandemic-themed psychological horror feature film “Six Feet,” according to a news release.

Production on the film began Oct. 5 in Los Angeles.

“Six Feet” is set in a world not too distant from the COVID-19 world we are living in now, noted the release.

Travis (Mawji, of “Silicon Valley”) is an underappreciated, overstressed but hardworking lone motel worker who is at the forefront of a possible contagion at an isolated motel in the middle of a desert, the synopsis explains.

His corporate greedy boss has made him responsible for keeping the motel going despite the deadly pandemic and Travis begins spiraling into paranoia, delusion and insanity, it adds.

With the support of a quarantined motel guest the two strive to escape the vortex, but it may be too late, it says. 

The independently financed film marks the feature directorial debuts of co-directors/writers Rajendra Thakurathi and Stephen Thomas, both graduates of USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, according to the news release.

Thomas has produced a feature film for TED and worked on several notable music videos, including Beyonce’s hit, “Formation.”

Thakurathi was recently a finalist at Viacom ViewFinder Director's Program and at Ryan Murphy Half Initiative Directing Mentorship Program.

Producer Daniel Feldman, founder of indie film production company Prowler Films, is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, clothing designer and musician. 

Mawji is represented by SDB Partners and Todd Zeller at GS Entertainment Management.

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