Aasheesh Paliwal, an Indian American music producer popularly known as ShiShi, has released a Bollywood-inspired melodious track on the occasion of Diwali. (ShiShi/Facebook photo)

 “With an artistic vision to “unite musical styles, cultures and people that appear to have little in common,” an Indian American music producer and DJ has gone on to release a new track that also helps a charitable cause.

On the occasion of Diwali, Aasheesh Paliwal, aka ShiShi, joined in the festivities by releasing a track inspired by the Festival of Lights.

Titled, “Aarti,” the melodious and soothing number blends the devotional song, “O Palan Hare,” from the 2001 film, “Lagaan,” with traditional Indian percussion and uplifting rhythms.

“The world can use all the love it can get right now, and I wanted to channel that into this record. ‘Aarti’ means ‘prayer’ in Hindi and I want to send out a good vibe to all those who need one on this auspicious day,” he wrote alongside the video on YouTube.

Paliwal has also partnered with Pratham, the non-profit organization that provides literacy and learning programs to help improve the basic reading and math skills of young, underprivileged children in India, and is pledging one dollar for every share of the Facebook post for the release.

“I wanted to give something back to the country that has given me my heritage and culture,” the New York-based musician wrote on Facebook. “My goal is to reach 1,000 shares on this post, which would give the gift of basic literacy to 40 children.”

Born in the U.S. to Indian parents and raised on three different continents, Paliwal’s unique blend of dembow (Caribbean) music reflects his global citizenship as he blends sounds and influences from dancehall to classical Indian ragas to Cuban salsa, to name a few.

Listen to “Aarti” here:

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