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Comedian Hasan Minhaj. (photo courtesy Netflix/Patriot Act)

The Netflix show, “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj,” will be returning for its sixth season starting from March 29, 2020, according to a Netflix press release.

Season 5 of the show by Indian American comedian Hasan Minhaj kickstarted the season with the theme of mental health but as also tackled billionaires, fast fashion, retirement and plenty of nods and references to politics and the upcoming 2020 U.S. election.

Netflix has continued uploading segments to YouTube which has seen crazy growth over the past year. Many of the longer segments are reaching over 1 million views per video. “Why billionaires won’t save us” hit 1.4 million views, said the release.

In the final episode of volume 5, Hasan tackled obesity and more specifically, how America is actually exporting the problem to most regions.

Closing the episode, he acknowledged his weekly show introducing or doubling down on issues isn’t exactly helping but said “we’re not going to stop doing that,” adding, “I’ll see you guys in 2020. We got a few more tabs to open,” noted the release.

In other news, Hasan announced March 19 that he and his wife Beena Patel welcomed their second child, a baby boy.

Sharing the news on his Instagram account, the “Patriot Act” host said the new arrival to the family was a beautiful distraction from the coronavirus crisis sweeping the globe.

“Even in these crazy times there are so many beautiful moments,” the 34-year-old wrote. “The Minhaj family grows, and according to Beena it’s done growing,” he added.

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