Nik Dodani

Nik Dodani, an Indian American actor/comedian/activist, has joined the cast of the new Netflix film, “Alex Strangelove.” (Nik Dodani/Twitter photo)

Indian American actor Nik Dodani will star in the Netflix film, “Alex Strangelove,” written and directed by Craig Johnson.

The comedy, according to Deadline, follows high school senior Alex Strangelove’s quest to lose his virginity with his girlfriend, made all the more awkward by his struggle to identify and declare his sexuality.

Ben Stiller’s Red Hour Films is producing the film, in which Dodani will play Blake, a man of few words who enjoys teasing Alex.

Born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Dodani, an actor/comedian/activist, now lives in Los Angeles.

Dodani will soon have a recurring role on “Atypical,” a new Netflix original comedy by Robia Rashid, and will also be appearing in Joshua Leonard’s indie film, “Behold My Heart,” opposite Marisa Tomei, Timothy Olyphant, Charlie Plummer, and Sakina Jaffrey.

His other TV credits include Comedy Central’s “Idiotsitter,” FreeForm’s “Kevin From Work,” NBC’s “The Player,” and HBO’s “The Comeback.”

Dodani can be spotted in commercials for Verizon, AT&T, Liberty Mutual, and Wendy’s.

He is also currently a design and production activist with Art Not War, a cultural impact and PR firm. During the 2016 presidential election, Dodani was an associate producer at, where he produced videos, graphics, and live events targeting millennial voters, such as the national standup comedy tour, “Laughter Trumps Hate”; a get-out-the-vote PSA called “Millennials Against Trump”; and a sketch, starring Gaby Hoffmann, called “Cash or SuperPAC?”

Previously, he worked for Elizabeth Warren’s 2012 Senate campaign and for Alicia Keys’ HIV/AIDS awareness initiative.

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