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The Dash family from Buffalo Grove, Illinois, has won the first season of Zee TV’s quiz show, “America’s Smartest Family.” ( photo)

The winner of Zee TV’s “America’s Smartest Family” has been chosen: The Dash family from Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

The Indian American family of three – husband Bibhudatta, 44, wife Rashmi, 42, and son Anmol, 13 – not only won the coveted title on the first season of the show but also took home a cash prize of $10,000.

“We are super excited to be the winners of ‘America’s Smartest Family.’ It was our first national TV experience and we enjoyed it thoroughly,” Bibhudatta Dash said in a statement. “It was a great platform for Anmol to showcase his talent. Many thanks to Zee and Touchdown Media for a great experience.”

The Somani family – husband Mukesh, 41, wife Rashmi, 38, and son Rishi, 10 – from Monroe, New Jersey, was the runner-up team, winning a $5,000 cash prize.

“It was a great experience to participate in ‘America’s Smartest Family.’ We had a lot of fun going through various rounds,” said Rashmi Somani. “It made us realize the importance of keeping your eyes and ears open. There is so much to learn in this world. It also gave our son Rishi a great exposure to the world of quizzing. Hopefully, this experience will help him read and learn a lot about the world rather than just the U.S. and India.”

“America’s Smartest Family” is a quiz-based show, which features 16 families duking it out in an epic battle of wits. The show is hosted by Zaid Ali.

Round one and two of the show consisted of four questions each, with a dice roll deciding which family would go first. Participants then chose from five topics: science, math, arts and entertainment, history and geography.

As the game progressed, questions became tougher and more challenging. By round three and four, each correct answer was worth 200 points. Ali offered clues in the fifth and the final round, and if the team answered correctly without a clue, they received a maximum of 1,000 points but if they went with the clues, each clue cost them 200 points.

In the grand finale, the category was math and, in the end, the Dash family won by 300 points.

“America’s Smartest Family” is conceptualized as a Zee Originals property and produced by Touchdown Productions.

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