LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Amidst what appears to be a divisive political climate in the United States is an effort to foster global unity and societal change through inspirational programming, thanks to a partnership between Indian American film producer Ashok Amritraj’s Hyde Park Entertainment and Global Citizen.

The two entities joined forces to produce a music film – “Louder Together” – to help address several sustainability development goals.

“Louder Together,” narrated by actor Hugh Jackman, aims to show the power of collective action around the world. The music festivals at the heart of “Louder Together” have raised billions of dollars to reach millions of people suffering from hunger, poverty and other sustainability ills, according to Global Citizen.

Amritraj, Hyde Park and Global Citizen hope to use their collective platform to end extreme poverty by 2030 and make a world free of climate change.

The joint collaboration, which would create inspirational programming to address several sustainability development issues, envisions social media as a significant tool to connect with the world’s youth.

Could there be a nexus between social media and philanthropy? How could social media be used to facilitate activism and create global change? Such questions are what Global Citizen and Hyde Park hope to answer in the affirmative. The two concerts featured in “Louder Together” aimed to demonstrate the power of social media and the global reach of today’s youth.

Production of “Louder Together” was made a reality thanks to a connection between Hyde Park and Global Citizen.

Amritraj, the Hyde Park CEO who was recently named a United Nations Ambassador for sustainable development goals, met with Global Citizen to discuss a collaborative effort to produce projects such as “Louder Together.” They eventually established a joint venture for inspirational programming through Hyde Park Entertainment.

“Louder Together,” as it would turn out, would be the joint venture’s first project. The film pointed out that about 700 million people live in extreme poverty and can’t be overcome by fundraising alone.

The film itself was shot, on separate occasions, at concerts in New York (September 2016) and Mumbai (November 2016). Footage was captured on 34 cameras. The words of Nelson Mandela opened the film: the one-time South African president stating poverty is not natural but manmade and can be overcome.

The New York and Mumbai concerts featured live performances by Rihanna, Cat Stevens, Metallica, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Demi Lovato and Coldplay.

Each concert featured in the film highlighted specific sustainable development goals. The New York show, for example, aimed to raise funds to help fight poverty and hunger, while concertgoers in Mumbai supported efforts to finance advancements in sustainability and education.

Tickets to concerts were earned through good deeds, such as tweeting about meaningful actions. The larger the action, the more likely individuals or governments who support the cause would make a larger financial commitment.

Gender equality and climate control are also among the project’s sustainable development goals, according to Amritraj.

The former tennis player and current film producer told India-West he has pursued fulfilling careers and now sees the pursuit of philanthropy as his third act. Working with Global Citizen to create inspirational programming was the chance of a lifetime and personal breakthrough for Amritraj.

He added that the evolution of his career as a film producer who served on the Academy of Motion Pictures’ diversity committee and bridged India and Hollywood – in addition to his work with the United Nations and as a board member for The Asia Society – positioned him to pursue his philanthropic goals.

“It was a wonderful experience. It was very fulfilling. I think in going forward, my work with the UN and my partnership with Global Citizen is very important to me,” Amritraj told India-West. “It’s been a while since my affiliation with the United Nations.”

“Louder Together” can currently be viewed online at www.go90.com.

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