Emmy award:

Indian American Sikh filmmaker Harpreet Kaur has been honored with an Emmy Award for a segment she produced for the TV show, “Maryland Farm and Harvest.” (photo provided)

Indian American Sikh filmmaker Harpreet Kaur has won an Emmy Award for a segment she produced in Season 6 for the TV show, “Maryland Farm and Harvest.”

Kaur is a producer at Maryland Public Television, a member station of PBS, USA and is also the founder of Sach Productions.

Maryland Public Television, in partnership with the Maryland Department of Agriculture, is producing “Maryland Farm and Harvest” to help increase the public’s understanding of Maryland agriculture. The series aims to “put a human face on farming, educate viewers about agriculture, and tell the stories of the industry that built this nation and continues to feed the world.”

Kaur, a public speaker and community activist, is also behind award- winning films such as “The Widow Colony” and “A Little Revolution.”

While the former is a film that takes an in-depth look into the lives of the widows of the Sikh men who were killed in the 1984 riots, the latter focuses on children of farmers in India who have committed suicide. 

Kaur, according to a press release, started her career in news reporting and was the first Sikh TV news reporter to cover stories in the Washington, D.C. area.

“Through compelling stories, Harpreet has touched the lives of the individuals in her documentaries and has captured audiences with her ability to effectively, creatively and honestly tell stories that convey a strong sense of the people and places she covers,” it said. “She has used her passion for storytelling to entertain, educate and inspire change.”

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