mohit soni

Mohit Soni, an Indian American filmmaker, has written/directed/produced a short film that highlights the friendship between two friends belonging to different religions. (IMDb photo)

Two roommates and friends, one Hindu and the other Jewish, find themselves in a cultural war when their traditional parents come to visit. This forms the premise of Mohit Soni’s debut short film, “Hinjews,” which is being touted as a bromance comedy.

Soni, best known as the cinematographer of the viral Michael Jackson tribute video, in which 45 child prodigies sung “Heal the World,” has written and directed the film, and is also one of the producers.

In the past, the Indian American has served as a gaffer/chief electrician and as a digital image technician on several shorts and TV series.

“Hinjews,” which stars Alex Silvestre (“Underpaid”), Harry Howard, Vee Kumari (“Anger Management,” “Criminal Minds”) and Elliot Mayer (“Law & Order”), is inspired by the real-life friendship between Soni and Alon Juwal, one of the film’s co-producers, according to a press release.

The production designer on the 14-minute-long film is two-time Emmy Award-winning art director Roger C. Ambrose.

“Hinjews,” which released recently, has been screened at several film festivals, including Los Angeles CineFest, Miami Epic Trailer Festival and Hollywood Screenings Film Festival.

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