“Bee The Future,” a documentary directed by Indian American journalist-turned-filmmaker Monika Samtani, was declared the winner of the ‘Silver Remi Award’ at the 52nd annual WorldFest Independent International Film Festival in Houston, Texas.

“Bee the Future” was recognized in the ‘Documentary under 60 Minutes’ category. The film highlights the U.S.-based Sahasra Deepika Foundation for Education’s Spelling Bee, which is part of their outreach program for disadvantaged children from Bangalore’s poorest schools.

The film follows students during the 2016 annual spelling bee contest. This event represents the chance of a lifetime so the competition is intense. The winner is granted a college scholarship and a chance for a brighter future. Viewers follow the preparations and the extremely fierce competition faced by the prospective winners, culminating in the longest and most intense spelling bee in the history of the event.

“To be given this recognition on behalf of ‘Bee the Future’ is a dream come true, said Samtani. “I couldn’t be more proud to have the opportunity to tell this story. The film shows the impact the foundation is having with the children of Bangalore. It’s truly changing lives for the better, and after 20 years, it’s now time for Sahasra Deepika and the founders to get the recognition they deserve.”

In 2018, “Bee the Future” was screened at the Chicago South Asian Film Festival –where it was the first runner-up in the documentary shorts category – the DC South Asian Film Festival, and the Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival.

“We are so honored to receive the Silver Remi Award. ‘Bee the Future’ is a story of the hope and aspirations felt by the children in the Sahasra Deepika Outreach Program,” said Sarva Rajendra, president of the foundation and the film’s executive producer. “On behalf of all of us at Sahasra Deepika, we extend our thanks to the festival judges for their acknowledgement and support.”

“Bee The Future” will be released for public viewing sometime in 2019.

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