Indian American filmmaker Neel Esh Patel has chosen to highlight the journey of an Indian man who wants an American Dream but instead ends up facing an uncertain future in his new film, “The Journey Of Mr. Deshee.”

In the film, a struggling but upbeat lower middle-class man from India aspires to come to the U.S. to find success, but his journey to the U.S. does not go as planned. The man answers an ad in a newspaper posted by an agent who can bring people to the U.S. for a hefty fee, but the agent turns out to be a ‘Mexican coyote,’ who traffics in illegal immigration.

After a dangerous river crossing, he is taken to Kingman, Arizona, where a new series of misadventures get in the way of his quest for freedom and fortune. Will he ever achieve the American Dream?

The English-language film, inspired by a true story, was first screened at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival.

Starring Patel in the lead role, the film also features Devanny Pinn, Adam Berardi, Mindy Gilkerson, Jay Alfonso Lopez, Kolio Kolev, and Nailya Shakirova, among others.

Apart from acting in and directing “The Journey Of Mr. Deshee,” Patel has also co-written and co-produced the film.

The film’s Facebook page describes the relevance of the film by writing: “‘The Journey Of Mr. Deshee’ is such a timely and relevant film in our current and modern times. No matter what your political leanings, the story of an immigrant seeking the American Dream and the trials and tribulations to achieve it is something that is a story well-worth telling. As film makers we often take on controversial topics, telling human stories as well as depicting lives and cultures of many.”

Patel told India-West that he plans to have a wide release of the film in early 2020.

His upcoming projects include “Ring of Desire” and “Attack of the Unknown.”

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