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Indian American filmmakers Pulkit Datta and Anuradha Rana are among the 2019 Fellows named by the Center for Asian American Media. (

Two Indian American filmmakers, Pulkit Datta and Anuradha Rana, are among four filmmakers who have been selected as 2019 Fellows by the Center for Asian American Media.

The CAAM Fellowship Program, in partnership with the Asian American Documentary Network, or A-Doc, will focus on “nurturing mentor-fellow relationships” within the Asian American documentary community.

The Fellowship Program is a year-long career and project development opportunity for Asian American documentary film producers and directors as well as editors and cinematographers who are looking to make the transition to producing and directing.

CAAM’s Fellowship program goal, said the San Francisco, Calif.-based organization, is to create the space for a “fulfilling” relationship between veteran and emerging media makers and incorporate opportunities to participate in film festivals, documentary markets and other appropriate professional development events. Fellows will also learn the art of the pitch and have the opportunity to pitch their works in progress during CAAMFest 2019.

Datta, who started his career assisting Indian American director Mira Nair, has since worked on a wide range of international projects. He has worked on the creative development and production of narrative films, Sundance-backed documentaries, commercials, short films, and multimedia campaigns, said CAAM.

The writer and director of short films such as “Jason” and “Wishful Whiskers” and the producer of documentaries like “Invisible” on fibromyalgia, Datta has had his films screened at festivals such as Toronto International Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival.

Datta is also the co-founder and co-artistic director of Kalakars, an organization that supports South Asian talent for careers in American film and television.

Born in India, Rana is an independent filmmaker based in Chicago. Her award-winning films, said CAAM, have screened internationally and focus on themes of “identity, representation, and varied perspectives in a global environment.” These include, according to CAAM: “Preserves,” a journey into an Ecuadorian rainforest that contains some of the greatest biodiversity on earth and 850 million barrels of oil; “For The Records,” a transmedia documentary on mental health disorders in youth; and “Ring Laila,” a film about India’s first Muslim women boxer.

Rana is currently in production on her first feature documentary, “Language of Opportunity,” which is about cultural identity and immigrant aspirations amongst Indian families.

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