Rebello band

Gleeson Rebello (in black shirt), an Indian American pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital, practices with his band, Fever Breakers. ( photo)

The Fever Breakers, a band comprising five members, including Indian American pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital Gleeson Rebello, received an honorable mention for ‘Best Music Video’ at the Global Film Festival Awards, the hospital has announced.

The award recognized the band’s song, “Bully,” co-written and directed by Rebello.

The other members of the band include Zachary Anderson, inventory specialist at the hospital; Fredlais Eugene, a former transportation associate at the MGH; John Ventura, MGH inventory specialist; and Jonathan Ulman, percussion manager at Berklee.

The Global Film Festival Awards is a monthly and annual qualifying competition for independent filmmakers. It’s a special jury formed by Hollywood producers, European and international distributors to promote films and new media.

On its Facebook page, the Fever Breakers describes itself as a “hospital basement band that sings about social issues.”

Rebello earned his medical degree from Goa Medical College in Goa, India, where he also completed his residency in orthopedic surgery. He was awarded the Peabody Research Fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital and subsequently completed a pediatric orthopedics fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital and a hip preservation fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Watch the video for “Bully” here, which highlights that “there’s a victim in all of us and there’s a bully in all of us.”

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