BOSTON — Indian American singer Anuradha Palakurthi released a video song April 15 to pay tribute to doctors who are combating coronavirus and putting their lives on the line to save lives of people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Titled “Rukta Hi Naheen Tu Kahin Haar Ke”, the song was produced by Boston-based Juju Productions within a week, from idea to its final release.

Sung by Palakurthi, the lyric was composed by Boston poet and scriptwriter Sunayana Kachroo. The music was composed by Kamlesh Bhadkamkar, and mixed and mastered by Vijay Dayal in Mumbai. Nikhil Joshi made the video.

“I don’t think they have worked so fast on any project so far. The urgency and gravity were significant enough for the entire team,” Palakurthi told India New England News.

Given the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic and so many doctors of Indian-origin on the front line, Palakurthi got inspired by their dedication and service.

“So many Indian families in the United States have at least one doctor in them. I had to bring their contribution to the forefront in the USA. They are the ones who are in close quarters with real danger. They are the first responders who are putting their lives on the line to save lives,” said Palakurthi.

“Some have sadly lost their lives too in this battle. Only true heroes in war do that. Coming from a gold star family, I feel strongly about soldiers and their sacrifices.”

As of April 9, more than 200 doctors and nurses have died battling Coronavirus worldwide, according to news reports.

Palakurthi said that the idea about the music video formed in her head on April 3. “I contacted Sunayana to brainstorm a bit about lyrics etc. We wanted to write and make something new, but I decided to pick an existing song and change the lyrics,” she said.

“Sunayana did an exceptional job. The next step was to contact my trusted musicians Kamlesh Bhadkamkar and Vijay Dayal in Mumbai and we were good to go from then on.”

Palakurthi said that Nikhil Joshi in Mumbai compiled all the photos that were sent him from Boston and worked non-stop 12 straight hours on it.

“It was quite a task to explain my vision to him in 36 hours. But the real help came from some friends who are doctors.”

“They did their best under the circumstances. I wish I had more faces, but I guess asking them to send photos of themselves in these pressing times was a bit much,” said Palakurthi.

The singer said that she is very humbled to dedicate this song to doctors, nurses and healthcare workers in the US and around the world.

“I think it’s a humble tribute compared to what they are doing every day. There should have been at least a hundred more faces in the music video. We personally know 100 such families and could not get their pictures.”

Kachroo said that Palakurthi had given her a brief on the purpose of the song and the reference song as well.

“While the purpose of the original song is to inspire people to reach to a goal,” Kachroo said. “This song is to honor the resilience and the unwavering commitment of the medics and researchers to go beyond their job profiles and stand-up to this disease with their relentless service.”

Earlier this year, Palakurthi’s “Jaan Meri” song from her Jaan Meri album won the prestigious Independent Music Category’s Best Song of the Year Award at the Radio Mirchi Music Awards, the Indian equivalent of the Grammys.

She has been recognized as the top-rated singer of Indian origin by industry legends. She has performed live with Bollywood singers like Kumar Sanu, Suresh Wadkar, Deepak Pandit and Bappi Lahiri across the US.

Juju Productions is a Boston-based music and video production company. It creates music that attracts global audiences, transcends national and cultural boundaries while rooted in evolving Indian traditions. 

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