Indian American singer Vijeta will be launching her debut EP very soon. (Vijeta/Twitter photo)

Vijeta, an Indian American singer from Chicago, who seeks to be an inspiration for Indian Americans just the way late Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla was for her fans, has released her rhythmic single, “Mr. Right.”

The up-and-coming singer, who impresses with her powerful vocals, describes this song as a “vibrant and sexy musical fantasy,” adding that the song “has the ability to expand your ideas of what it means to have found Mr. Right.”

Vijeta, according to, is currently living in Atlanta, Georgia, where she is working towards the release of her untitled debut EP.

The young and vibrant singer, who proudly flaunts her Indian heritage, told the news site that as a child, she was always trying to find a balance between her Indian culture and her American roots.

“Then finally I found my balance through music,” she said. “I want to represent a boundless number of ambitious women across multiple cultures. I ultimately want to be able to use my story and growing platform to inspire young girls, and at the same time break stereotypes that women all over the world face.”

When asked how would she label her music, the emerging artist was quoted as saying, “I feel I deliver a very rhythmic, melodic and powerful experience when people watch me perform. I pride myself on my music being fun, colorful and emotional.”

Vijeta’s tryst with music began when she met American actress-dancer-producer Debbie Allen while attending college at Northern Illinois University. She told that she first started off as a dancer.

“Debbie Allen said she loved my spirit when I danced. She offered me a full scholarship to train at her prestigious dance academy and the opportunity to move to Los Angeles,” she recalled. “I soon found myself a part of an L.A.-based girl group and that experience inspired me to transition from dance to singer/performer. Soon after that experience I knew I wanted to be a solo artist and decided to launch my solo career.”

Listen to “Mr. Right” here:

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