Mumbai’s acrobatic dance troupe V. Unbeatable has moved on to the finals of “America’s Got Talent.” A few members of the group pose with judge Julienne Hough after the semi-finals Sept. 10. (V. Unbeatable/Instagram photo)

America has voted and now the pressure is building up. With high stakes and insane flips, Indian dance group V. Unbeatable – now in the finals – is fighting like never before to claim the title of “America’s Got Talent.”

The judges are loving them and so are the audiences. So much so that judge Simon Cowell announced in the Sept. 10 episode when the semi-finalists performed: “Never has a crew had a more appropriate name. Very unbeatable! Because you guys are in it to win it. Let me tell you something. I think your country are going to be so proud of what you have done throughout this entire competition. I am thrilled for you and I have a feeling we’re gonna be seeing you in possibly the greatest final we’ve ever had next week.”

Co-judge Julianne Hough concurred with that, saying, “Dance is for everyone. Hands down. And I have to say, oh my gosh, I just want to learn from you guys. You guys are literally unbeatable.”

“Do exactly what you’ve been doing and you have it,” co-judge Gabrielle Union told the Mumbai-based group.

Their style, a mix of choreographic and acrobatic skills and natural swag, has been winning hearts from the get-go. This act was no different. In the semi-finale act at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif., the dancers continued to make their impact felt by performing dangerous backward somersaults and using props like a ladder with precision. Dressed in green, the young dancers showcased their prowess on the “Jashn-E-Ishqa” song from “Gunday.” And once again, they not only left the audiences gasping and obsessing over their act, but also set a higher bar for themselves.

Even though the odds are in their favor and they are just a step away from clinching the title, the group told India-West in an exclusive interview: “It will be sad if we don’t win but being able to perform on the ‘AGT’ stage was our dream come true.” (Read the full interview here: https://bit.ly/2kcDb08)

The finale of “America’s Got Talent” will kick off Sept. 16 on NBC.

Watch their performance here:

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