Bir Khalsa:

After a terrifying but an entertaining act, the Bir Khalsa group from India bid adieu to “America’s Got Talent” Aug. 14. (YouTube screenshot)

The Bir Khalsa group from Punjab, which showcased its daredevilry on “America’s Got Talent” and made fans worldwide, was eliminated during the first quarterfinals held Aug. 14 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif.

Chainsaws, spears, melons, and ice blocks: Bir Khalsa brought some of the scariest acts on the “America’s Got Talent” stage.

Jagdeep Singh and Kanwaljit Singh, part of the Bir Khalsa Group, brought in another member of the team to yet another dangerous round. In the act, Jagdeep Singh, who is a 7’6” tall policeman, lay on the ground and a blindfolded Kanwaljit Singh, using a chainsaw, sliced a zucchini placed in Jagdeep’s mouth: both horizontally and vertically. Phew!

The second act involved Kanwaljit (obviously blindfolded) smashing an ice block put on Jagdeep’s chest. They quickly moved on to the next stunt, which saw Kanwaljit –still blindfolded – using a sledgehammer and spear to smash watermelons placed strategy around two team members.

As the act drew to a close, judge Simon Cowell said it was “fantastically crazy” and Howie Mandel said, “it’s everything I love about this show.” But unfortunately, America just didn’t vote for them.

In their exit interview, the group shared that they haven’t lost all hope and will continue to hone their craft.

“We are really glad that you guys have supported us through this journey and in the future, we promise you, we will continue to blow your mind…more danger to come,” they said.

Celebrating their stint on the popular talent show, they said, “Our favorite memory was when we got a standing ovation from all the judges in the first round. Walking on that stage in front of America was great and amazing. This round, to walk in the Dolby Theatre was a dream come true. We have always seen it on television and now we are performing and whole America is watching us.”

They also talked about their charitable endeavor.

“After a successful journey at ‘AGT,’ we are going to open a free school for poor people back in India with all your support,” they said.

But even though this group was voted out, there’s still hope for India. V Unbeatable, a group of young girls and boys from the slums of Mumbai, are still in the game, having won a Golden Buzzer July 23.

Watch Bir Khalsa’s performance here:

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