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Indian Finnish actress Swaalina, aka Halina K, has starred in several Punjabi music videos, including Jass Manak’s “Suit Punjabi.” (Suit Punjabi/YouTube screengrab)

“What is the name of the model in the song, ‘Prada,’” one user questioned on Quora? Another asked, “Who’s the model in the song, ‘Suit Punjabi,’ by Jass Manak?’”

The answer was: Swaalina, an Indian Finnish actor, who is the face of not just the abovementioned songs but many more.

She has starred in popstar Badshah and Gurinder Rai’s song, “Perfect,” in the video of “Billian Billian,” and also featured in Ankit Tiwari and Meet Bros.’ “Jhooth Bolna Paap Hai.”

Apart from the several music videos that she has done, Swalina, aka Halina K, has also appeared in numerous commercials. The most notable among them are Nescafe, Tata tea, Volkswagen, Nivea and Myntra.

Most of these videos have racked up views in millions. She has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, where she keeps her fans updated with all her current looks and assignments.

The 23-year-old, who hopes to act in Punjabi and Hindi films, did not know Hindi before she arrived in India. “I didn’t know Hindi, since no one spoke the language at home, I had to learn it and that too pretty fast. Another language which is close to my heart and extremely fascinating is Punjabi,” Swaalina was quoted as saying in an AB Newswire press release.

“I would love to do Punjabi films; Punjabi industry fascinates me a lot. They are so close to their roots, culture, and the language is beautiful. Punjabi cinema like Bollywood is like a fever which never comes down. That's the fever which keeps me going!” she added.

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