Ramita Ravi:

The almost four-minute act also featured a young Indian American girl, Milania Kapoor, and over a dozen Indian dancers. (YouTube screenshot)

Just before the 2020 general elections, ‘Divas For Democracy: United We Slay,’ a virtual variety show where the divas of Broadway joined forces with the divas of the drag world to encourage “drag out the vote,” was held. One of the highlights of the evening was a stirring musical performance, “This is Me,” from “The Greatest Showman,” which was inspired by now Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Rendered by actress/singer Keala Settle, the original star of “The Greatest Showman,” in her soulful rich voice, the almost four-minute act also featured a young Indian American girl, Milania Kapoor, and over a dozen Indian dancers.

The piece was choreographed/produced by Indian American Monica Kapoor.

“Inspired by Kamala Harris for smashing down the walls and barriers,” said the team. “Dedicated to anyone who has been spit on, beat up, dragged down, or told to go back to their own country.  This is OUR country. The thing that makes it special is us, immigrants! Let us move forward into a nation where our children can prosper and thrive. Let the magic in their eyes and love in their hearts guide us. May they ALWAYS feel pride in themselves, in their heritage, and in this country. May they live in a magical world full of kindness, respect, acceptance, empathy and LOVE.”

Dancers included: Amrita Doshi, Swarali Karulkar, Sheila Kundu, Anjali Mehta, Ishita Mili, Ramita Ravi, Sangeetha Santhebennur, Katie Homer, Max Pollak, Jordan Reeder, Ian Urbina, Alice Wu, Sean Zia, Gianna Vasquez Bartolini, Maya Kazzaz, Dwayne Beach, Derek Moore, Bo Belza, Michael Patlingrao, Lex Bolisay, Sloan Pearson, Kessie Brawner, Dino Principe, Mia Davidson, Marlon Santana, AJ Delgra, Kruti Shah, Sarah Esmenda, Geatali Tampy, Hanna Gosztyla, Madeline Wright, Julia Gosztyla, Michelle Zuluaga and Varun Goyal.

Check out the performance here:

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