Applause Entertainment CEO Sameer Nair. (Wikimedia.commons.org photo)

The Israeli political thriller “Fauda,” is heading for an Indian remake and will be set against the conflicting relations between India and Pakistan, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The original show revolved around an undercover Israeli unit behind Palestinian lines as its members fight to stop terrorists in the West Bank.

“Fauda,” which means "chaos" in Arabic, was developed by Avi Issacharoff and Lior Raz, based on their real-life experiences in the Israel Defense Forces, and produced by Yes Studios.

Mumbai-based Applause Entertainment has signed up with Yes Studios for the Indian adaptation, which is expected to go into production by next year and release toward the end of 2020.

“’Fauda’ has been an integral part of our professional and personal lives and we’re extremely excited that it is being remade for another country and language," Issacharoff said in a statement, adding: "India is creating some exciting digital content and this association with Applause Entertainment will help take ‘Fauda’ to a different territory and wider audience base."

“Fauda” first debuted on Israel's Yes network in 2015 and subsequently streamed worldwide on Netflix.

"’Fauda’ has the potential to be well-developed in the context of India and Pakistan as the show is about people on both sides of the conflict," Applause Entertainment CEO Sameer Nair told The Hollywood Reporter, adding, "Reality is often stranger than fiction, and is rarely black and white. ‘Fauda’ is an effort to represent this gray state of conflict."

Yes Studios managing director Danna Stern said, "We’re excited to collaborate with a brand like Applause Entertainment to bring in the Indian version of ‘Fauda’. Applause has been a leading studio in acquiring international formats and adapting them for local audiences.

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