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Poster of the film, “Sri Jagannatha Daasaru.” The Kannada film will be shown in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Indian Americans and other viewers will be able to watch the premiere. (photo provided)

After nearly 50 years, a Kannada movie on the famous scholar and Haridasa, called “Sri Jagannatha Daasaru” was released digitally Nov. 11 and will have its premiere in a San Francisco Bay Area theater on Nov. 20.

As part of the Bhakti movement, Sri Jagannatha Daasaru is counted among the most famous quartet of Haridasas (servants of God), including Sri Purandara Daasaru, Sri Vijaya Daasaru, and Sri Gopala Daasaru, said a press release.

“Sri Jagannatha Daasaru” is produced under the banner of Mathambuja movies and co-produced by Mytri Heritage under the stewardship of Trivikram Joshi and Madhusudhan Havaldar, who also directed the film. The movie stars Trivikram Joshi, debutant Sharat Joshi, and Prabhanjan Deshpande, a MarTech entrepreneur and versatile artist.

The film was released globally on www.kott.tv, a popular OTT channel for Kannada movies and entertainment, noted the release.

The contributions of Sri Jagannatha Daasaru, among others, in composing several devotional works in Kannada led to spreading the knowledge and richness of the language, said the release.

The movie was shot in several parts of Karnataka, including Hampi, Anegondi, Gangawati, and the surrounding forests and hills.

The film will be shown at the Ciné Lounge Fremont 7 Cinemas, 39160 Paseo Padre Pkwy, in Fremont, California.

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