Shannon Perpetual

Famed Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu’s teenage daughter Shannon K. has just released her new album, “Perpetual.” (photo provided)

Shannon K., the 15-year-old daughter of veteran Bollywood playback singer Kumar Sanu, is creating new milestones each day in her singing career.

Shannon has now released her new album, entitled, “Perpetual,” which comes off the back of a number of successful previous releases, including “Roll Back the Years,” “Sapphire” and “Just Another Boy.”

Shannon labels the album – a combination of both party songs and sentiment filled love songs – as her most emotional yet, addressing the way in which feelings can last a lifetime, as the title of the album suggests. According to her, “Perpetual” encapsulates a wide range of deep emotions and accesses them more fluidly through the medium of songs.

Influenced by a number of notable artists such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Adele, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber, Shannon has also used Canadian pop star Justin Bieber as an inspiration for the song, “Pretty Eyes,” in the new album.

Shannon’s younger sister, Annabel, has also played a part in the new album, co-writing many of the songs with her sibling.

The young sensation first appeared on stage at the age of four, performing a classical Indian dance at one of her father’s concerts. At the age of six, Shannon relocated to London, before moving to the U.S. in order to showcase her music and singing talents to a wider American audience.

In the past, Shannon has worked alongside producers such as Andy Whitmore, Steven A. Williams Rishirich, David Tyrell, Tylor Lyons, Daniel George, Robert Farren, Bora Karaca, Buzzy and C.J Vanston, who, according to a press release, have all helped her form her own unique musical style that encompasses both U.K. and U.S. pop, blues, soul and ballads, all with a dash of Shannon’s Bollywood allure.

Listen to “Perpetual” here:

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