Masala Jones

Actor Venk Potula has created and stars in “Masala Jones,” a new comedy podcast about an Indian American man who decides to pursue his secret dream of becoming an adult film actor. ( photo)

Pleasure Podcasts has zeroed in on the story of a young Indian American man’s path to adult movie stardom as its first-ever scripted podcast.

Titled, “Masala Jones,” the original scripted comedy created by Indian American actor Venk Potula and Leland Frankel, also stars Potula in the title role.

The first season of the podcast, which also takes into account the title character’s incredulous parents and annoying stereotypes that crop up as he makes his first films, is available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.

“Masala Jones” touches on the themes of race, representation, and sex positivity – always with a dose of twisted humor, according to the creators.

Here’s the official synopsis of the show: “‘Masala Jones’ takes listeners on a trip down the rabbit hole into the hilariously outrageous world of porn. When naive med school drop-out Samar Rajamouli decides to pursue his secret dream of becoming an adult film actor, he discovers an industry filled with peculiar customs, idiosyncratic characters, and unfortunately familiar prejudices. As if that wasn’t enough, he also finds himself playing referee for his immigrant parents as their marriage threatens to fall apart. Becoming the first Asian American male porn star will be a lot harder than anybody could have guessed, but on his journey to the big time, Samar just might start a revolution...or ruin his life.”

Potula, a graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television, is known for appearing in shows such as HBO’s “Veep” and MTV’s “Wild N’ Out.” Additionally, he runs his own production company, editing/directing digital branded content for Bai, Vice Golf, Fnatic, Warner Sisters, Rise-Nation, ARRI, and more. Previously, he directed, edited, and starred in the short film, “Woke,” which was nominated for the ‘Grand Jury Award’ at the Disorient Asian American Film Festival and won ‘Best Short’ at the Sacramento Asian Pacific American Film Festival.

The podcast also stars Esther Ku (“Girl Code”), Aurora Snow (AVN Hall of Fame adult actress), Indian American actors Ravi Kapoor (“Sharp Objects”) and Meera Simhan (“How To Get Away With Murder”), and Timothy Stack (“Seinfeld”), among others.

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