GARBERVILLE, Calif. — Indian American film-maker Rohit Gupta’s art-house American comedy “Midnight Delight” emerged as the big winner, earning the Judges Choice Best Film of the Festival 2015 award at the inaugural Cannabis Film Festival, held May 1 to 3 in Humboldt County, Calif.

Gupta's 85-minute comedy, a composition of nine vignettes where a set of characters get into hilarious antics over conversations with people they have never met before, features actors Shaheed Woods, Michele Suttile, Maggie Alexander, John Crann, Rachel Myers and Michael Laguerre, among others.

When contacted on winning the award, Gupta said, "Winning top honors is exhilarating and a form of encouragement, reinstating that if the process is fun so are the results.”

A film is a result of many collaborative energies, “but in this case this award is dedicated especially to Saumin Mehta, the co-producer of the film and also a long-time friend, who in spite of his full-time job as a visual artist and several prior commitments, took this project head-on and magically put together in post-production in three months,” he added.

“Midnight Delight” is different from Gupta’s earlier works, which include “Life! Camera Action...,” a 90-minute family drama film; and a four-minute suspense thriller “Another Day, Another Life,” which also won several awards, according to a press release.

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